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TEMIRUYA, the World Musical Instruments Shop

I was born in Fukuoka in Japan.
I graduated from the college "Kyushu Institute of Design".
I worked for FUJITSU as a systems engineer for 12 years.
Now, I run a small musical instrument Shop.

I play some flutes or whistles or ocarinas.

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Bryan Gall

maker and player of world flutes
Student of John Wubbenhorst-bansuri
Student of Dr. Jon McCollum-shakuhachi

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Joseph L Young

Joseph Young believes that music should have no restrictions. This belief guides his compositions which blend principle instruments of world flutes and saxophones, into songs that rejoice the music experience. To complete the experience the music needs to be shared with others through albums and performances. Joe shares his music in intimate gatherings, festival concerts and art performances. The strive for the musical experience recently developed into a collaboration with Idaho Dance Theater, a contemporary dance company based in Boise, Idaho. Joe worked with co artistic director, Marla Hanson to develop the suite of Life Spring. Through music and dance, this piece explores the many aspects of water. Besides his solo performances at festivals around the west Joe plays locally around Boise Idaho with the Restless Souls Band (Sax) And Beltane (percussion and flutes) his new album “Life Spring” Will be released this spring.

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When traditions become ever so much baggage, when the future is a pre-echo of past uncertainties, when the earth cries out for new ways and people long for old godheads, out of the fray emerges a serene warrior. Oakensong is a progressive traditionalist, fusing sounds to soothe and energize a new generation of old souls.

Oakensong is the name under which Victor Eijkhout releases his Native American flute music. Gifted with a musical ADD that makes him record a clay-pot drum solo one day and an electronic meditation on the symmetries of the C60 molecule the next, Victor has managed to sustain an enduring love for all things flute. Having played recorder and Boehm flute since an early age, lately he has been branching out into Native American flutes, with occasional side trips to the Shakuhachi, Ney, and Hulusi.

Long term experiences in keyboard playing and a love for experimentation have led him into software synthesis. The combination of these culminated in Flutecore, a CD of Native American flute music with thoroughly modern synthesized backing, released under the artist name Oakensong. Inspired by the western deserts, the dominant mood of the disc is meditative, though the first and last track are higher energy, verging on a dance beat. A bonus track, Forever, is written by the Hawaiian artist Jivatma, based on samples of an earlier track on the CD.

When he is not fluting, Victor can be heard around Austin playing recorder with Passing Measures and the Texas Early Music project, oud with Bereket, bass in the 1001 Nights Orchestra, saz with the Austin Troubadours, or practicing percussion on his front porch.

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Jonny Lipford

What does it mean to think "flute outside the box?" Jonny Lipford takes an age old instrument and uses it to create not only the traditional sounds, but also sounds that are new and not commonly linked to the Native American style flute- a voice all his own. In every song you hear, you'll experience the unbridled passion of an individual who has experienced far more than many people his age. Jonny's innate sense of composition and mature understanding of melody touches the soul. Jonny's hands play out melodies that are uniquely pure, envoking a variety of emotions that will warm your heart and leave you astonished at his musical technique. Whether it be a jazzy beat, spirited tune or a heartfelt ballad that you desire, you will surely be satisfied.

Today Jonny Lipford, who started his musical journey at the young age of 13, continues to shares his music with audiences across the United States and broadcasts world wide. Lipford has been featured on, the worlds largest collection of broadcasted Native music, as Spotlight Artist with the debut of his first release. As a composer of his own original music, Jonny has been recognized as a two time NAMA Nominee, ISMA and JPF Nominee and NEMA Winner. Along his journey, he has shared the stage with many notable musicians including Mary Youngblood, Mark Holland, Jeff Ball, Arvel Bird and Michael DeMaria. Most will find it hard to believe that one so young could have mastered the flute so perfectly. With a love and respect for all types of music, Jonny awakens these genres, making him a true virtuoso in this industry.

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Cornell Kinderknecht

Cornell Kinderknecht is an award-winning world flutes recording artist and performer whose music touches the heart and feeds the soul. He has twice been nominated as Texas Music Awards "Musician of the Year" for his solo recordings. His song "Mother's Hands" is a Top 5 Winner in the Instrumental Category of the Great American Song Contest. His work can be heard in film, television and advertising. He and his music were featured in the nationally aired television series, "The Art of Living Gallery." He is in high demand as a performer and presenter at music festivals around the U.S.

Using world flutes like the north Indian bansuri, Native American flute, ocarina, bamboo flute and recorder, among others, his original compositions and playing have been described as soothing, soaring, haunting, and playful with influences of Native America, the Middle East, India, and the Far East. His musical style draws from his experience in the areas of classical, pop, folk, jazz and world music.

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