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A meeting place and agenda has yet to be established, VA, Winchester

Winchester Native American Flute Circle

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Alan Stanz
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I go by the name of Alan Stanz. As a National Park Ranger my vision and goal was to start the American Indian Music Festival at Casa Grand Ruins National Monument in Coolidge, Arizona. In February of 2009 I produced the First American Indian Music Fest at the Ruins. The festival continues in the fourth year now and has evolved into the American Indian Arts and Music Fest. Some of the performers at the first fest were Scott August, Coyote Old Man, aka Michael Graham Allen, Travis Terry, Loren Russell, Gabriel Ayala, Randy Granger, Alex Maldonado, RC Nakai, and others.
I have recently retired as a park ranger and my journey has taken me to Northern Virginia, currently living in Winchester, Virginia. I am interested in starting the Winchester Native American Flute Circle. I am seeking help from folks who have started successful flute circles. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.